I will paddle for Lars and his Rehabilitation Center “NeuroMove”.

Olaf Van Der Geld

( Lange route (5,5km) 10:00u | Member of team: TEAM KORNUIT )


116% reached of my target amount €750

6 years ago a good friend and freelance designer Lars de Beer crashed during a mountain bike ride and was paralyzed from the neck down, leaving him in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury. In the Netherlands you have to live with the limitations. But not if it's up to Lars.

In America Activity Based Therapy, is a special method which has proven that there is much more to get out of life for spinal cord injury victims.
 That is why Lars, together with fellow sufferers, wants to bring this method to the Netherlands and set up the first specialist training center for spinal cord injury patients and other neurological disorders.

Please check the link and donate if you will. Every bit helps!

Thanks all! 💙 Olaf

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