Ydwer's Return to Water (and Michiel sits back and enjoys).

Ydwer en Michiel

( Korte route (2,75km) 11:00u )


30% reached of my target amount €5.000

Six months ago Ydwer was in a surfing accident leaving him (partly) paralysed from the shoulders down.

As one of the worlds top kitesurf photographers, water and watersports has been a big part of his life. After six months of intens rehabilitation at Heliomare he gained lots of progress and was finally able to return home.

The timing of the Neuromove foundation couldn't be any better for someone in Ydwer's situation. Ydwer still makes gigantic leaps of progress and would benefit big time from the specialised trainings they offer.

That's why he's raising money by 'Returning to the Water' at the 12th of September during the 'Paddle to Move' fundraiser in the Amsterdam channels.

But, before this is happening, Ydwer and his long time photo/mountainbike friend Michiel, have to overcome several obstacles. Support our fundraiser and follow our adventures on instagram:



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