The first Dutch training center for Activity Based Therapy is established in Amsterdam. The non-profit training center is fully equipped for people with spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders such as MS.

ABT focuses on activating the nerves and muscles in the paralyzed parts of the body so that the nervous system is stimulated to recover. And physical function can (partly) return.

“Intense physical activity has been shown to improve physiological function and health outcomes
in individuals with chronic spinal cord injury.”

Training center NeuroMove, a foundation with ANBI status, wants to increase the quality of life by means of ABT by regaining body functions. This ultimately leads to more independent participation in society. In addition, NeuroMove wants to contribute to scientific research to increase knowledge and experience about such limitations and injuries. For more information go to

Regaining by Training

Activity Based Therapy was developed more than 20 years ago in the United States, especially for people with a spinal cord injury. Recovery from this injury takes a long time and is difficult. ABT triggers neurological recovery by activating the nerves and muscles beneath the spinal cord injury with targeted workouts. ABT does not guarantee a cure, but often leads to improvement. You can only gain from it! 

ABT has several positive effects:

  1. Triggers neurological recovery, allowing bodily function to be regained.
  2. Promotes independence.
  3. Strengthens the entire body and improves overall fitness.
  4. Increase self-confidence and prevent depression.
  5. Literally takes people out of the chair to train.

ABT is not a panacea. It is a chance to see how far you can get. By mobilizing the entire musculoskeletal system, you discover where recovery is possible. Everyone deserves such an opportunity.

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NeuroMove training center is an initiative of Lars de Beer, Katelijne Langezaal, Nico Jonk and Martijn Boon.

Lars and Katelijne accidentally became paralyzed and had to give up most of their physical movement. Their paths crossed in San Diego at Activity Based Therapy.

Their own experiences with ABT were so positive that they almost immediately decided to set up a training center in the Netherlands, where peers can gain the similar experiences.

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